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Final Part Blog Post #5

My personal learning network has grown so much! At the beginning of the semester, my PLN was not organized. After the first part of this assignment I created a Symbaloo account. I now have a lot of resources. I have started following more educational blogs. Also, I follow different school systems. My personal learning network has grown so much, and I would not have had any idea on how to organize it without Blog Post 5.
heart with different websites to creat Personal learning network

Blog Post #14

After reading Teaching Our Children Can be A Profession by Joel Klein, I realize that there are many problems with school systems. In the article, Mr. Klein lists several of these issues and some solutions to the problems.

the word problems stricked out soultion under it written in chalk

Problem: Teachers need better training
Better academic training
Recruit from the top third of the graduates
Create a national teacher examination
Require a supervised internship for 1 to 3 years
Problem : Seniority should not exist in the school system and teachers be rewarded based on merit
Create merit –based careers ladders and would be promoted based on specialty exams
Establish standards to remove incompetent teachers
Give teachers showing true mastery college graduates as teaching assistants

In my opinion, teachers are held to a higher standard than most professions but often are not respected. Many people think that teaching is an easy profession and that is probably where the problem starts. Mr. Klein makes several good points on how we can work to make teaching more professionalized.

He suggest that teachers get better academic training. I totally agree with him. I think that teaching is something that takes experience to become good at and that students should get more of training before they are set free in their own classroom.
Mr. Klein thinks that employers should recruit the top third of graduates. I agree with this because it would make students to strive better academically. I would not want a doctor advising me if he made C’s just to get through med school. I definitely would not want my children to be taught by someone who skimmed their way through school.

Albert Shanker thinks that we should create a national teacher exam. I disagree with this because anyone can pass a test but still not have the passion to teach. Creating more test does not prove anything. If anything I think more training would help and requiring supervised internship 1 to 3 years would be great.

In the school system, once you’re tenured usually it is impossible to fire you. Klein suggests that instead of rewarding teaches based on seniority, we should reward them based on performance. I do agree with this as well. Just because a teacher is new does not mean he/she cannot perform better than the teacher that has been there for several of year.
Shanker suggests that standards should be in place to remove incompetent teachers. I agree with this because if a teacher is not performing to a certain standard they should be removed. Also, he suggests that teachers who show true mastery should have college graduates serving as teaching assistants. I agree with having teacher assistants but not college graduates. I think that would cause some kind of controversy in the classroom between the two.

Joel Klein and Albert Shanker made great points that can improve teachers. I found this article very interesting especially reading the solutions .It would be wonderful if some of these things actually happens.

 the word problem written in black and white


chair and curtain room for improvement

Idea #7: The Meaning of Life

In this blog Mr. Karl Fisch was asked at the end of the semester by his administrator “to think over the summer about some "big ideas" that would be worth discussing that could improve our school.” This is idea #7. Mr. .Fisch wrote a letter to the administrator. In the letter he stated that “we currently spend a lot of our time with curriculum that we claim is preparing our students to live well, but we don't devote much time to helping them figure out how they want to live or how they define living "well." He suggests an advisory class for each student for all four years at AHS. The advisors purpose will be helping students figure out where things are, how things work, who to ask for what, and how to be successful at AHS, how do they want to live, what does it mean to be successful, what's most important to them.

My Comment:
I am a student in EDM 310 at The University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading your blog. It is a great idea to have advisors helping the students from their freshman to senior year. I know when I was in school the only time I really remember talking to a guidance counselor was the end of my junior year and some of my senior year. I wish I had the opportunity to have an advisor for four years. I hope that the administrator approve your requests.

Idea #8: Community Service
In this blog Mr. Karl Fisch was asked at the end of the year by the an administrator “ to think over the summer about some "big ideas" that would be worth discussing that could improve our school.”This is idea #8 .Mr. Fisch states that community services is a component and he thinks that it is essential to their high school. He sees to main parts community and services. Community is focusing and serving the community and service is focusing on serving the wider community outside of AHS.
For serving the community of AHS, he envision a Link Crew. The Link Crew will have all AHS students on the "community crew," but with Senior leadership. The teachers would pair up two (or perhaps three) Seniors with a crew of 6-8 underclassmen who would work together, along with other teams, to keep Arapahoe clean and in good shape. The custodial committee would be a mentor to the crew. When crews aren't on duty for taking care of AHS, they would instead be serving the wider community.

My comment : I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I enjoyed reading all nine ideas to improve AHS. All of the ideas are great. I think by having the Link Crew the students would take more pride in their school since they are the ones who are cleaning it. At my school it wasn’t required to do community service. I wish I did have the opportunity to help the community.

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Blog #13

Find 5 websites that teachers can use to create blogs in the classroom. Give a brief description on other ways it will be useful in the classroom.

 the reason why kids should start a blog #58 Improve your creative writing skills with child cartoon character at desk writing

1.School Rack

On School Rack teachers can :
*Share information, documents, and files
*Hold discussions online, outside of class
*Report grades online to students or their parents
*Keep in touch with private messaging
*Create a free classroom website
or educational blog


Kidblog provides teachers with the tools to help students publish writing safely online. Students exercise digital citizenship within a secure classroom blogging space. Teachers moderate all content, so nothing goes live until you say so.


*Easily create a classroom website & blog
*Manage your students' accounts
*Accept homework assignments online
*Keep your parents up to date

4.21 Classes

Teachers can run their personal blog and post stories and review comments. Using the classroom functionality, teachers can create accounts for their students to read and/or comment on those stories. With their comprehensive access control functionality, access to such an account can be completely restricted, so that only logged-in students can view the content. Also, students can be divided into multiple groups, where the teacher can allow specific groups to have read access to a particular story. Finally, any comments made by students can be moderated.


Classchatter.com permits a free blog to the teachers and the students with some useful features. It provide teachers with the tools that support online blended learning classroom management. Teachers can create journals, conduct discussions, assign assignments and even grade the assignments. The blog environment is secure and the teachers get good options to choose the tools that suit their requirements. However, the free version of classchatter does not support upload of audio or video files.

Reasons Why Kids Should Start A Blog because #1 Child playing blocks that say Fun

Project #12 B

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Blog Post # 11

What can we learn from these teachers?

words dealing with subjects,technology in bright pink and neon green

In Brian Crosby’s video Back To the Future, I learned many things about teaching. I learned that teachers should empower students to become learners. Kids want to learn and we should expect high quality work from them. Students can connect to the world through blogs. Mr. Crosby is trying different technologies in his classroom to make learning exciting. Lastly, teaching is about making students go beyond expectations.

Blended Learning Cycle
is a video about blended learning and the learning cycle. In blended learning you take online, mobile, and classroom learning and put them together as a way of teaching. Secondly, is the learning cycle. The learning cycle consist of the five E’s: engage, explore, explain, expand, and evaluate. The blended learning cycle started by a driving question or something to get the students engaged to what you are about to investigate. The teacher creates a video for the students to watch independently on a particular assignment. Then, he reviews with each student before they take a quiz on what they learned. If any students fail he gives them the opportunity to go back and elaborate on the assignment. I think this approach is a good way to make sure the students are learning what they are investigating. I love the way that the students do this assignment independently. It makes the student pay close attention because they need to know the information in order to pass the quiz.

Making Thinking Visible is discussing small groups and how they are a great way to learn .The students had to make a headline for an upcoming project. At the end the students were asked how the headline was going to change after working in the project .It is important to let the students know that their opinions can change after working towards something and that is okay.

Super Digital Citizen
is a great video. Mr. Pane fifth grade classroom were learning how to be good digital citizens This video was cool because students were able to design a superhero who would become their super digital citizen .In this video I learned it’s important to discuss online safety with my students. Students need to know the difference between negative and positive information online.

In Project Based Learning
three teachers worked together to collaborate three different subjects. The teachers took an idea that they thought would benefit their students to their administration and they agreed to it. This is my first time seeing three different subjects being put together. One main thing I learned from this video is that sometimes you need to think outside of the box to make learning effectively and that the sky is the limit when trying to approach different ways for the students to learn.

In Roosevelt Elementary School, students were doing projects that involved other subjects as well. I learned that using PBL gives students more ownership over the project. Technology is great but having the students collaborate and learn together is greater.

Thursday, July 2, 2015


dean shareski logo from personal blog

What About Snapchat?

In this blog Mr. Dean Shareski talks about his 15 year old daughter using Spapchat. Mr. Shareski talks about how parents tell their children to protect their privacy but as soon as Snapchat was invented parents did not want their children using it. He stated that when images are shared Snapchat sends an alert to the user. Mr. Shareski created a video that shows 5 different things for 5 seconds and posted it to Snapchat.


My Comment:
Hello! I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading your post about Snapchat. I am very unfamiliar with Snapchat so I downloaded the app and my 7 year old neighbors are helping me use it. I thought the 5X5 videos were very creative.

What Educators Should Tweet About?

Mr. Shareski stated “I have no idea what educators should tweet about.”He created a list on the things that they can tweet about :
1. Post random song lyrics.
2. Get people to do challenges at live events.
3. 3. Play name that tune.
4. 4. Request sandwich drop offs at airports.
5. 5. Post your naps using #napchat.
6. Besides sandwiches, you can ask people to bring you food at conferences.
7. Play hashtag games.
8. Find people’s phones and take random photos with them.

My Comment

All the suggestions on this list is funny. I think this is a great way to bring out the inner kid in everyone especially getting people to do challenges at live events. I laughed the entire time while I was reading this post.

twitter icon the bird tweet this

Interview Movie Project #10A

                  Teacher Interview With Ms.Dana Craig of Gulf Shores Elementary School

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Special Blog Post Assisgnment

Dr. Heidi Hayes

Dr. Heidi Hayes Jacobs provides a list of useful tools on her website Curriculum 21.


Rubistar offers many different rubric templates to help create your rubric. Rubistar has options where you can save your rubric for future use. As a teacher, I would use Rubistar as a guide to help create rubrics for different projects in my classroom.


Keyspace is a touch typing program that help students learn how to type without looking at the keyboard. Since we will be using a classroom blog, this program would be helpful in my classroom to help my students learn how to type.

Visual Thesaurus

Visual Thesaurus is an interactive dictionary and thesaurus that creates word maps that blossoms with meanings and branch to related words. I thought this would be useful to help expand my students vocabulary.I thought this websites was cool.


Storybird is a free tool where you can create visual stories. There are millions of writers on storyboard. Storyboard is one of the largest storytelling communities .There are families, teachers and students who have created stories on Storybird.I would use it to improve my students writing skills and to let them use it to be creative with stories.
a picture of a page from storyboard

Popplet is a tool for Ipads. This app helps to organize ideas. One of the testimonies on the websites stated “We are proud that Popplet is helping the new generations of digital natives to emerge skills in organizing.” I would use it to create graphic organizers and timelines.
items organized on computer screen title=


Lightspeed is designed to safely, easily managed school networks. This is great to use so that the schools can manage the internet use of students.

Blog Post #10

In the video Little Kids…Big Potential , students are discussing what type of technology is used in their first grade classroom. The students in this video are very engaged in technology. Mrs.Cassidy has a blog in her classroom. Another form of technology used in her classroom is Wiki. When the students need to learn about a certain topic they use Wiki.
picture of people figures holding the letters b l o g for the word blog

In the skype video Part1 , Part 2 and Part 3 Dr. Strange interviewed Mrs. Cassidy. I really like the idea that they discussed about why they have class blogs. I would love to use a class blog in my classroom. Before EDM310, I did not know much about blogs. Mrs. Cassidy discusses how the classroom blog allows her students to be tuned in with technology. Having a classroom blog is very beneficial to the parents so they can see what their child is posting. I like how in the third video she mentioned online safety for elementary students. To deal with this issue, I would put emphasize that the classroom blog is for educational purposes only and no full name of their children will ever be posted on the blog. Some of the positives this could bring to my classroom is better writing skills, a way students can show their work to the community and a place to store memories from the classroom.

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Blog Post #9

project based learning in text

According to the article Seven Essentials for Project Based Learning
, the project should be meaningful making the students want to do well. Elements of a good project includes: 1.need to know, 2.a driving question, 3.student voice and choice, 4. 21st century skills, 5.inquiry and innovation, 6 .feedback and revision, 7. a publicly presented project. There is a big difference in project learning versus using the regular poster boards to present an assignment.

In the video Project Based Learning for Teachers
, the importance of PBL is shown through common core standards. With project based learning, students can learn collaboration, critical thinking, and life skills Mr. Vincent stated that “students take charge of their learning.”

I love the video titled, “Two Students Solve the Problem of Watery Ketchup by Designing a New Cap." I always disliked the way the water squirts out of the bottle or the way the ketchup splatters everywhere. Before watching this video, I did not know that two high school students had actually invented the new top.

bottle of Heinz ketchup

In the article, "Ten Sites Supporting Digital Classroom Collaboration in Project" Michael Gorman gives a list of tools that can enhance the PBL experience. His list included Google docs which he called it “the king of online collaboration.” Among the list were Microsoft Live, Today’s Meet, Skype in Education, Titan Pad, Wall Wisher, Corkboardme, Will You Type With Me, Linoit and Quick Share Screens. Collaboration in the classroom is a great way to enhance communication among the students.

Project Based Learning in P.E. really opened my eyes to using PBL in every subject. I would have never thought to create a fitness plan in P.E. with PBL. Creating a fitness plan covers the state standards and with the students using PBL teaches students how to work together .From reading this article PBL can be used in any subject.

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C4T #2

Archived Learning from the 2015 Mobile Learning Experience by Wesley Fryer

Summary Of Teacher’s Blog #1
:This article is about when Mr. Fryer attended an educational conference. This conference involves different ways to use technology. Mr. Fryer had three different sessions to introduce. Visual note taking is the first one that means representing ideas by drawing them. The second slide show he presented was about using videos with the iPad. His wife showed different videos that her students created with the iPad. Lastly, he introduced Geo-Maps for GeoLiteracy. This video is about earthquakes that happened worldwide by using Google maps.

Comment on Teacher’s Blog #1
:After seeing your slideshow about visual note taking, I downloaded the free apps on my iPad.I am going to try the visual note taking on paper first and then advance to the iPad. I am glad I got to visit your blog.I really enjoyed the presentations. Great Job!

A slide from Wesley Presentation about Visual Notetaking

Kid Blog Update

Summary of Teacher’s Blog 2:Jennifer Reyher, an instructional technology teacher in McAlester Public Schools wrote an update about how blogging been an amazing tool in her classroom. Kidblog.org has been a free site for the school to use,but in September the usage will be limited to a free 30 day trial.

Comment to Teacher Blog #2:
I hope that teachers at your school are able to find another blog that is free.I cannot wait to teach to use blogs with my students and others around the world.

a picture of kid blog from Mrs.Long classroom

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Blog Post #8

Randy Pausch Last Lecture:Achieving Your Childhood Dreams

 Randy Pausch quote about brick walls

In the first few minutes of the video, after he explains his terminal illness, he told a story about his old football coach. One of his coaches stated,” When you’re screwing up and nobody’s saying anything to you anymore, that means they’ve given up.” That taught me an important lesson about teaching; I cannot be scared to point out mistakes to my students. Throughout the video he gives us a list of his childhood dreams. He stated that “brick walls are there to show how bad we want something”. I think this was important because in learning and teaching we are going to face brick walls, but we will have to remember never to give up. Randy gave an example of his class. He paired the students in groups and gave them a project to work on for two weeks. The students completed the project and Randy was overwhelmed by the work that they had done .Telling these students that they could do better motivated them and they were able to create better work. That was such a powerful lesson for me about teaching. It is important to push students beyond expectations because once you allow them to settle they are not using their full potential. Randy said that the best way to teach students is by making them think they are learning something else. He does this by making projects entertaining for students, but using the software so the students are actually being taught new technology. To be a great teacher and learner you have to show dedication, cherish feedback, show gratitude, don’t complain, be good at something, find the best in everybody and be prepared.

rest in peace randy

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Using iMovie and the Alabama Virtual Library in Kindergarten was divided into two parts. First Ms. Bennett talked about how impressed she was with kindergartners using iMovie trailer. The kindergartners at Gulf Shores Elementary uses the same iMovie that college students are using. Also, she talked about how students are eager to edit their work before the teacher publishes it. Ms. Davis mentioned that Alabama Virtual Library is free and that you can sign up the public library. Alabama Virtual Library is used for research.

When watching We All Become Learners, Ms. Bennett talks about how much of a learner teachers can be. She told a story about how a student taught her how to use Padlet. Students are not the only learners.

Rung Oi! - Earth - We're in it Together - This is a video of children in Vietnam singing Pat Mitchell “Earth We’re in it Together .This song has gone global. Pat Mitchell is from Alabama.

Aaron Warner- Dr. Strange interviewed Mr. Warner who is the instructional technology specialist at Gulf Shores Elementary School. Mr.Warner helps teachers transition from textbooks to technology. Also, he talked about how and when project based learning started at Gulf Shores Elementary School. Mr. Warner talked about how PBL changed the students. In his classroom, he has talk moves where they ask certain questions to generate
conversations between the students.

globe and a mouse

Mrs. Leslie Welch Part 1-Dr.Strange interviewed 1st grade teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary School. Mrs. Welch talked about her class researching animals of Australia and how they made a brochures on their ipad to present to other classes and parents. Also, she talked about how school has changed. Mrs.Leslie stated that technology has resulted in better learning even for struggling readers in her classroom.

Interview Rosado How to Get a Job
-Dr. Rosado is a Gulf Shores Elementary School Principal. He discussed what it takes to get a job as a teacher in Baldwin County. He stated that he needs teachers who understand technology ,are a team player and don’t lecture.Dr. Rosado want teachers that can deliver materials in a different way to reach the students today.
Some of the videos that I viewed talked about how students are enthusiastic to use technology. When using technology, the students are excited about their work. One of my main weakness is the lack of knowledge on how to coordinate a project based lesson for students. In the next year in a half I plan on watching tons of videos about project based learning and other different technologies that I am unfamiliar with. Also, I plan on searching on YouTube different videos from Gulf Shores Elementary teachers because they have a lot of essential information about PBL. One of my strengths is that I am prepared to be a lifetime learner. I am very self-assured that as I continue my learning in these areas I will be ready for the new generation with technology.

Project 13

The Eight planets

The Solar System Rubric

The Solar System Lesson Plan

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Blog Post # 6

In Part 1 interview with Mr. Capps , I started to understand the meaning of PBL. Students’ interest, authentic audiences and community involvement is the goal of a good project. Also in the video Mr. Capps stated that the most crucial part of PBL is to revise and reflect on learning. In Part 2, Mr .Capps discussed about never limiting your students and always create an opportunity for them to go beyond what you ask them to do.

In the iCurio video, Mr. Capps defined iCurio as an online tool that allows students to safely search the web. I think this is great so inappropriate material won’t pop up. With the storage tool, students and teachers can store valuable information. Another website for research is Discovery Ed that can be used to bring text to life in science and social studies.Discovery Ed can be used for visual and background knowledge about a certain topic.

globe with laptops surrounding it
I liked this video The Anthony-Strange Tips for Teachers Part. Some of the tips that I liked are as follow: 1. Be a constant learner. 2. Teaching never ends. 3. Teaching is hard work but exciting. 4. Be flexible and creative. 5. Be able to reflect and self-evaluation. I will remember these tips to help better myself as a future teacher.

In the video Don’t Teach It - Use it, Mr. Capps says that teachers shouldn’t teach technology. The teachers can use technology to have students research a topic to learn something.
In Additional Thoughts About Lessons, Mr. Capps discussed four layers that compose a lesson plan which includes year, unit, week and daily plan.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Blog Post #5

Personal Learning Networks is composed of people and tools that can be used when you need help.PLNs are great because the learner can choose whom to interact with. PLNs can be accessed at any time and be formed by anyone. Teachers can research information they need to know and compile them together.

Different names of websistes combined into a personak leraning network known as a pln
Personal Learning Networks is something different to me. I created a Symbaloo account. I love that Symbaloo allows users to customize important links in formats that are easy to use. On Symbaloo you have everything in one page ; instead of, opening new windows.I use this website to bookmark my favorite websites.It's great not having to remember websites and I can't wait to add more to my account.

Sunday, June 7, 2015


people silhouette in front of laptops on top of the words blog

The 2014 New School Year by Mrs. Kathleen Morris

Mrs. Morris had a baby in the year of 2014 ,so she was out on maternity leave.On her blog she posted different links to help get started with blogging. When commenting to her, I thanked her for posting the five steps to creating a blog and for taking the time out to post resources. Also, I told her that I will use the tips on how to introduce blogging in the classroom because I know some students are not going to be familiar with blogging.

Blogging in the Literacy Curriculum

When Mrs. Morris tried to incorporate blogging she was unsuccessful,due to the lack of time and computers. Now that every students has a netbook, she is able to have reading rotations every week. Mrs. Morris allowed her students to create portfolios ;instead of writing in journals.

My Comment to Mrs. Morris:

Hi Mrs. Morris,

I am a student at University of South Alabama. I really enjoyed reading "Blogging and the Literacy Curriculum." I am glad that your students were able to get netbooks. In the 21st century technology is ruling the world. I love the idea of having students to create a portfolio instead of writing in journals.

Thanks for the Blog, Jakarta Howard

Project #15

names of different search engine with magnifying glass

WolframAlpha is a new search engine to me. When I inquired about my name Jakarta, city information about Jakarta, Indonesia came up. When I took the basic tour, it stated that “WolframAlpha is a computational knowledge engine not a search engine.” I think WolframAlpha is excellent for mathematics because I typed in different math problems and the answer was given in different forms.

Ask.com is a question based search engine. I have used ask.com on many occasions. When searching in Google, sometimes I was directed to ask.com.

Dogpile is a great search engine because it gathers information from other search engines. Dogpile works just like Google; I fetched the word Walmart and different web pages came up. When searching for different information about a certain word or topic, I would try Dogpile.

ChaCha is a search engine similar to Ask.com. This website would be useful for answers to specific questions.

Bing was previously known as MSN search. When searching for information I prefer to use Bing because it stores your search history. Also, Bing has different trending news at the bottom of the site. Bing has where you can translate words to other languages.

Zillow is a property and real estate search engine. With this website you can search for different locations, number of bedrooms and baths. On this website, you can get detailed information about the property or house. When I was searching for a house, I used this website.

Yahoo has been a search engine that I have used the most. I recently logged into an email that was created from high school. I love Yahoo to search different topics. Yahoo has different links on the webpage, so accessibility is very easy. I would use this search engine to know what’s going on around the world and to research different topics.

Dice is a job search engine. Before using the search engine users must create an account. On Dice you can post or search for a job. This is a useful website for people that are looking for jobs.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Blog Post # 4

As teachers, it is very important for us to know how to ask effective questions. In the classroom, questions are asked everyday to make sure that the student understand material. The Right Way to Ask Questions in the Classroom article stated, “Some teachers might answer that the reason to ask questions is to check for understanding, which benefits the teacher more than the student.”

Any Questions

According to Using Effective Questions, effective questions challenge students but are not too difficult. Effective questions are meaningful and understandable to students. When having group discussion, low risk questions are the best to ask because they have no right or wrong answer. Also, students benefit from answering easier questions before difficult ones.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Blog Post #3

In What is Peer Editing and Peer Edit With Perfection Tutorial, I learned that the first rule is to remain positive. It is important to always start with a compliment, and not provide negative criticism. Also, peer editing has three steps:compliments, suggestions, and corrections. Always make sure to tell the student what he or she did well. Suggestions is a way that the author can improve his/her writing. When editing, different symbols represent words that need to be corrected. I also earned that peer editing can be enjoyable. Eventhough misspelled words and missed punctuations are common mistakes, that’s the main thing when making corrections.

Peer editing TAG Tell the writer something you like, Ask the writer a question, Give the writer positive suggestions

As a student of EDM 310, I will follow the guidelines of peer editing. This will be helpful because I will be able to improve my classmate’s writing with compliments, suggestions and corrections. When critiquing my peers' work, I will try to stay positive to avoid conflicts. Peer editing will help me to become a better writer. It’s a great idea to take advice from classmates; instead of, the teacher all the time.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Blog 2


The central message of this video is that teachers should allow students to engage in classroom activities. Mr. Dancealot taught from powerpoint and didn’t allow the students to interact. The students couldn’t see the instructions; they only took notes. I don’t agree with his conclusion because the students are lost on the final exam. Eventhough they had notes, they didn’t get hands-on practice.

Teaching In the 21st Century
I. Students can find information on anything, anytime ,anywhere
a. Facebook, blogs, cellphones
b. Twitter, Wikipedia, Youtube
c. Ipods, Google
II. How do we teach students to handle these resources with information?
a. Validate, Synthesize
b. Leverage, Communication
c. Collaborative, Problem Solve
III. Ask students to…..
a. Remember, Understand
b. Analyze, Evaluate, Create
IV. In today’s society, what does creation means?
a. Blogging, Podcasting
b. Animating, Planning
c. Recording, Designing, Programming
V. What about all the other tech skills?
a .Paraphrasing, Attributing, Subscribing
b.Editing, Twittering, Experimenting

In the 21st century technology is replacing reading books. Students can look up anything on the internet. As a future educator it would be something new to include into curriculum. Teaching the students how to use information correctly will be exciting, but it shouldn’t be hard because children are starting to use electronics at an early age.

The Networked Student

Before watching this video,I had no idea that Connectivism existed. Networking with different databases is a great way for students to learn different information. Eventhough the student basically can network alone, but the teacher still serve a purpose to teach and lead. Connectivism provides an easy way for students to solve solutions and with that is like replacing the teacher. Students still need guidelines to follow and someone to make sure the work is on time and correct.

Technology in the Classroom

Harness Your Students’ Digital Smarts

Vicki Davis stated, “pen and paper are not the only way to learn.” She believes that students learn differently. She is an amazing teacher; especially with the different programs that is used in her classroom. The students are able to connect with different students around the world. This is a great example of how teaching should be in the classroom.

Who’s Ahead in the Learning Race?
It’s evident that the students at Gulf Shores Elementary are ahead of the undergraduates and graduates students at the University of South Alabama. It’s a great that the elementary students are utilizing technology in the classroom. It’s amazing how those students know how to navigate the IPAD or MacBook. Incorporating technology in the classroom in the way to go in the 21st century.

Flipping In the Classroom

Flipping is something I’ve never heard of before this video. I think it is a great way of teaching. With the discussions in the classroom it gives the students a chance to interact and voice their opinion. I think this approach will be useful because I would have more time in the classroom to do activities; instead, of the lectures taking up classroom time.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Blog Post 1

When taking different education courses at USA, I always try to get different opinions from previous students. Some of the things that I have heard about EDM310 are very horrible. I have heard that Dr. Strange is mean. Also, I have heard that the work is not hard but is very time consuming. I fear that I will become lost in this class due to that I am not familiar with the different Google applications. EDM 310 is different from any course I have has previously. I have had online classes before but they didn’t require sixteen hours a week. This class will definitely require a lot of attention.
The most difficult thing in EDM 310 will be time management. I will have to plan less family time to be successful in this class. I have two children and a husband that works offshore so, this class will be a big challenge. To address this problem, I plan on dedicating the majority of my time in the EDM 310 lab and becoming friends with my classmates.

Since this class just started I don’t have any questions.
Do something Do something else Do More Stuff Do that again